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Posted July 15th, 2022
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Getting IVs and EVs

The routines are very similar so I ended up just combining the two routines into one. Basically given a slot number of a Pokemon in 0x8004, the routines will return the EVs or IVs, respectively, into the vars 0x8005-0x800A with 0x8003 as the IV/EV switch.

How to insert:

Compile and insert the following routine into free space:


.align 2

	push {r0-r5, lr}
	mov r4, #0x0
	cmp r4, #0x6
	bhi end
	ldr r0, =(0x20370C0) @var 0x8004 = slot number
	ldrh r0, [r0]
	mov r1, #0x64
	mul r1, r1, r0
	ldr r0, =(0x2024284)
	add r0, r0, r1
	ldr r3, =(0x20370BE)
	ldrh r3, [r3]
	cmp r3, #0x0
	beq EVs
	add r1, r1, #0x27 @IV
	b continue
	add r1, r1, #0x1A
	ldr r2, =(0x803FBE8 +1)
	bl linker
	mov r1, r0
	@get var
	ldr r2, =(0x20370C2) @using vars 0x8005-0x800A
	lsl r0, r4, #0x1
	add r2, r2, r0
	strh r1, [r2] @store IV in var
	add r4, r4, #0x1
	b loop

	bx r2
	pop {r0-r5, pc}

.align 2

setvar 0x8003 0x[anything except 0 = IV, 0 = EV]
setvar 0x8004 0x[slot number 0 to 5]
callasm 0x[this routine +1]

The variables will be:
0x8005: HP IV/EV
0x8006: Atk IV/EV
0x8007: Def IV/EV
0x8008: Spd IV/EV
0x8009: S.atk IV/EV
0x800A: S.def IV/EV