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Game Journal rules

Play a lot of video games? Want to keep track of what you're playing and the progress you're making? This is the tag for you! Just a few rules to bear in mind when creating a Game Journal:

All PokéCommunity Rules apply.
If you haven't seen the main PokéCommunity rules, please read them here and familiarise yourself with them. There are a few exceptions - which will be covered below - but this is the best place to start.

One thread per person.
Self-explanatory: please do not make one thread for each new game. This prevents unnecessary clutter. If you haven't posted in your thread in a long time, please do not create a new thread. You can find your old thread in the directory below.

Let's Plays are allowed.
If you'd like to post a video of your playthrough instead of typing out your progress that is absolutely fine, but please embed the video. If you don't know how to embed the video, take a look here for instructions.

Double posting is ok!
As long as it isn't too spammy, double posting is absolutely fine for updating. But please don't abuse this - make your updates meaningful, rather than single sentence posts.

Spoilers are allowed
This is not a rule so much as it is a caution - for the moment, we will not be enforcing any rules on hiding major story spoilers in tags. Viewers of threads need to keep this in mind when viewing Game Journals. Members are free to include spoiler warnings or tags in their updates or not as is their preference.

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