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    Originally Posted by Sheep View Post
    Heyo heyo FrostDrake! Nice to meet you, welcome back to PC. :-3

    Seems like you're experienced in the dev fields so maybe you'll have things to contribute here in that regard?? We always love having more devs and people who know the workings of making fangames, since those places here are so huge and attract many people.

    Enjoy your time and hope you'll stick around. o/
    Why, thank you very much! :) I'm amazed at just how popular a place this community really is!

    Well, I'd love to contribute to the dev work on games if I can, as that has always been a dream of mine (I can thank Pokémon for that one too). I have a few ideas I'd love to try out, but first I've got some learning to do.

    Originally Posted by Radiating View Post
    Howdy FrostDrake! Welcome aboard the PokeCommunity! Glad to see you've come out to join us again, have fun looking over the fangames section, there's always good games to play and projects to hop into. I hope you have a great time here! :D
    Thank you for having me along for the ride! :) I'm sure I will do when I get the chance. I've already seen a devilish Crystal Kaizo project on YouTube, which is what ended up bringing me back here, funnily enough! Not that I'd try to make anything quite so difficult as that :P
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