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    > Take cover in one of the abandoned houses. Don't want to be around when the scary nocturnal beaties come out.
    > Find some more sticks and some dry grass and built a fire out of your torch for the night also keep a stick nearby to turn into another torch just in case more Spinaraks try to get you, Also if you plan on taking cover in a house build the fire on stone or tile in the house and away from curtains
    > I'm in agreement for building some kind of fire indoors and seeing out the night. It probably wouldn't be an awful idea to barricade the door, either.
    > Torch all the buildings you're not hiding in for good measure. It might prevent Eldricht Metapods from invading the town.
    Check the date on your pokédex and compare against what remains of your memory.

    You elect to spend the night in the Guide Gent's house, since there's a plentiful supply of shoes to burn there, and the boxes they're packed in will make excellent kindling. However, a few preparations are in order before you settle down for the night.

    Firstly, you root around beneath the trees at the northern edge of town and come up with a reasonable bundle of dry sticks for the fire and one small, stout branch that, while damp, could be dried out and used to make a second Spooky Flaming Torch. You transfer your haul to the Guide Gent's house, and then return to the town centre.

    You're not entirely sure about this next part. Those flames aren't normal – they're hungry, and judging by the speed and ease with which they spread, setting the other buildings on fire might well result in burning down the Guide Gent's house, too. Which would not, you reflect, be quite what you're after.

    Since, y'know, being burned to a crisp is pretty much what you've been running away from this entire time.

    Actually, you're not so sure you want to burn the town any more, anyway. You're assuming Eldritch Metapod aren't really a major threat, anyway, since they probably can't do anything except Harden, even if they do it in a really creepy way.

    Returning to the Guide Gent's house, you push the table, chairs and every other moveable article of furniture up against the door, and do your best to build a fire from torn-up cardboard and dry sticks in the tiled kitchen area. You drop the Spooky Flaming Torch on top, and as the fire takes hold, you reflect that you really didn't need to go to the trouble of doing it properly. If there's anything even remotely flammable around, the Cyndaquil's fire will consume it.

    Right, then. You're warm, you have light – even if it is the scariest sort of light you've ever encountered – and you have Lava Cookies and a Hambone to stave off hunger, though the latter is still raw. Things are starting to look up – and about time too, given what you've been through today.

    You sit back against the kitchen counter, stuffing a spare cushion behind your back, and sigh contentedly. This definitely beats tramping around in the tall grass with the long shadow of approaching doom constantly hanging over you. It seems an appropriate sort of time to sort out some of these issues that have been clouding your mind recently.

    Firstly, the date. What is it? Mostly, it seems like just a day or two has passed, but in that Pokémon Mart, it looks like years. You check the Pokédex, remember it doesn't do the date and check the Pokégear instead.

    Wait, you had a Pokégear with you this entire time? You'd have thought the Narrator would've mentioned that.

    The Pokégear gives the time and date as 8.19 on the 22nd of December, 2012.

    Huh. Perhaps the conspiracy theorists were right.

    You cast your mind back and try to recall the first date you remember. What was it? March? You seem to remember a March in there somewhere. Or was it November?

    Damn it, this isn't working. Your memory seems to be pretty flimsily constructed; at first glance, you appear to recall everything, but when you examine things further, they just don't have any substance to them.

    It's while you're musing on this disturbing fact that you encounter an unexpected problem.

    The house is filling with smoke.

    For information about A Grand Day Out, a bizarre short story in video game form, click here.