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    Originally Posted by CureYoshiDarkness View Post
    Explains why there was an incomplete mega-evo for Latios and Latias in X and Y's game data, don't ya think?

    Still, I believe that this: a very nice theory in mind and since it claims (from the trailer) this is going to a 'new' adventure, it might include the Mega-Evos as new elements of the storyline. Heck, we had Mega-Blaziken and that was a special download event.

    What does this add up to? Maybe all three of the Hoenn Starters can mega?
    Eh.... its a stretch shot... but til the next Nintendo Direct, there will not be a lot to go on.
    I doubt we will get one since E3 is about one month form today. I am not expecting a large show like we got with XY at E3 but maybe at whatever Nintendo is doing. Correct me if I'm wrong but while they are not doing a E3 press show they are still going to do stuff right? Maybe a playable demo for the people at E3 so that way we can get gameplay footage.

    but yeah the whole "A new adventure" but Iwata saying it is a remake is weird. Plus factor in how secretive Nintendo is being makes it weirder. I know with HG/SS at least they did not seem so secretive. Not sure how FR/LG was done. Iwata called it a full remake over a remake. Not sure what full remake even means since a remake always remakes the full game. Unless it was a translation error and he was saying something like it's a full on remake. The plot thickens...
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