Seen April 7th, 2019
Posted February 25th, 2019
Have some questions to aid my character creation:
  • Can augments have multiple classifications? In what respects are augments limited in how they function and how they manifest?
  • What kinds of "higher positions" exist in the military as alluded to?
  • What year is it? Is it safe to assume our history/current events as we know it have happened?
  • How are kids selected for augmentation? For an example, can people willingly opt their children in for the "greater good"?
  • How is life for the everyman, would you imagine? And what social classes exist, how are they distinguished? Like, what occupations or roles make up the higher and lower classes?
An Augment is always just part of a singular classification. A thaumaturg can't be a mutant or a cyborg, or vices and versas. The classifications of shield, mover, etc. are also singular, but there is a lot more room for overlap. A thaumaturg might leave shielding behind where he runs, being both a shielder and a mover, but a singular primary classification will be used depending on main combat use.
Multiple officer positions; those in charge of space flights, planet-side aircrafts, naval warfare. Those are posts of field leadership. Higher ups can be fleet commanders, planetary commanders, or even star system commander, commanding armies of enormous sizes. Other specialist functions can be tacticians, those in charge of augment units that are specialized in maximizing ability use, formatters, those who create the generally consistency of augments and coordinate the movements of, and create, specialized units.
Earth-history has transpired, but is more of a cursory class, nowadays. The year is 4000, meaning a lot of time has passed, and a lot of new, more interstellar history has been created. But all of modern history is still very well preserved indeed.
Kids can voluntarily test themselves to see if they're suitable for any form of augmentation. The academy accepts all suitable applicants, because the possibility to augment is more valuable than any other skill at that age. Kids can't be applied to the academy without their own consent though, and relocation often happens when parental goals and a child's personal conviction don't allign. The young age creates a dangerous dichotomy, where new troops and augments need to be trained young, but stability for youth is also seen as important.
The empire is spread incredibly wildly and the main coalition within the empire is military and economic. It's not a cultural entity much, because it is difficult to adhere a single culture within a galactic empire. Each planet tends to have several, so social class can be wildly distinct. Although the star systems around the Central Seat, the heart of the empire, is more homogeneous. Society is very economically driven still, and near the Central Seat there is a lot of focus on being able to retrace your heritage to earth. Everyone is from earth, ya know, but family histories weren't as well kept. But a Bush or a Xi family still reigns highly and close to the seat.