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Name: Mehen Karif

Age and year: 16, Year 5

Appearance: Large for his age, though perhaps aided by his augments, Mehen stands tall at 6' 8" (2.03 m). His skin is dark brown, his black hair is short and curly, and his right eye is jade green. His size doesn't lend itself to good posture, so he tends to slouch or lean on things. His left eye, left arm (and shoulder, and part of his torso), and both legs from the knee down are robotic. The eye glows a soft, solid blue, looking sleek and elegant, while the other parts appear bulky and clumsy.

Place of Origin: The "junk planet" Tymanther, a dwarf planet in the southern Shakhta region of the galaxy. With dozens of mining planets relatively nearby, Tymanther serves as a scrap and salvage yard, where ships and other machinery is repaired, canabalised for parts, or processed as scrap to be reforged. With its many forges, junkyards, and ports, the planet experiences phenomena such as acid rains, rust clouds, and caustic fog, driving its inhabitants to live in massive caverns underground or in fortified towns like its capitol, the citadel city of Usk Hurthi.

History: Mehen was born into the lower class, his father a forge worker, his mother a cook. Born with a crooked back, he was forced to wear braces on his legs and spine, as his family couldn't afford more effective treatments. He was otherwise a normal, healthy child, with an interest in technological mechanisms and trinkets. His parents were encouraging, as repairing machinery would put him in a higher social class than melting it down would.

As he grew, he learned he had a knack not just for fixing things, but building them as well. Children in Tymantheran society were put to work sooner than on some other planets, so Mehen was already an apprentice at a salvage operation when he was 10. Unfortunately, his curiosity and habit of fiddling with things led to an accident with an engine that mangled his left hand. The doctor did what he could, but the damage was irreversible without extensive and expensive augmentation. Seeing only one option, Mr. and Mrs. Karif encouraged him to apply for the Augments Academy. Mehen wasn't keen on joining the military, but without the augments his body would never get much better. He relented, joking that he was already part machine, so at least he could be a better one if he went.

At the Academy itself, Mehen was a capable student, not only willing to be augmented, but eager. Though his first augment was obviously a replacement hand, he soon lobbied for a fix for his spine as well. From there, he replaced his legs, the rest of his arm, parts of his torso, and even an entire eye, complete with neural enhancement. He pushed his body and mind in school, and was determined to see how far he could push himself, even at the expense of his own humanity.

  • Curious. Mehen just loves tinkering with things. Picking up random stuff and playing with it, taking things apart to look at them, or just asking questions. Doesn't work as well with his big arm, though.
  • Excitable. If something new is happening, you can expect Mehen to get hyped about it. This usually leads to him running off ahead of everyone else.
  • Reluctant to fight. Despite his size and augments, Mehen isn't much of a fighter. Even if it's just an argument or a heated discussion, he tends to back off first, usually calming himself down by tinkering.
  • Calculating. Always planning, always thinking of something, Mehen's mind is rarely idle. He's annoyed more than one classmate by rattling off precise change at a cash register.
  • Self-sacrificing. Perhaps it's because of his hate of fighting, or maybe he just sees it as an excuse to get a new prosthetic, but he'll always put himself in to take a hit before anyone else. Unless it's at lunch. Yes, he is going to eat that, but since you bring it up, do you want your garlic bread? He'll take it if you don't...

Augmentation & other skills: Cybernetic Frontliner

Mehen's augments are obviously and visually his cybernetic parts, though there is more to him than meets the eye.

In addition to his replacement parts, he has a layer of subdermal armor to protect him from external injury, as well as brace himself when applying his enhanced strength, letting him lift and carry great weight without damaging his bones or innards. While this makes him highly resilient, his nerves are still intact, letting him feel every impact and sensation as a normal human would (except for his artificial arm/legs/etc.).

His robotic legs offer enhanced leg strength, letting him run faster, jump higher, and kick stronger than before. They also have internal shock absorbers, negating damage from long falls. However, they are basically just metal boots on his legs, making him kind of clumsy if he's not paying attention.

While originally just a prosthetic hand, Mehen removed his entire left arm, including the shoulder, for his replacement one. The arm can be removed entirely for maintenance, modification, or perhaps just switching to a new model some day. Though much less dexterous than his human arm, the metal arm is much stronger, and possesses a 30-foot-long grappling hook, a retractable energy shield, and a mini USB plug.

While his neural implants are mainly to allow him better control over his limbs and various upgrades, his eye also affords him a miniature heads-up display, and a motion-activated proximity detector. It's also useful for keeping track of notes in the corner of his eye, or hooking up to the Wi-Fi and browsing the internet.

Mehen fixed his crooked spine with his augments, but his metal replacement also helps support the weight of his upgrades, and his modified torso not only fits his human organs, but also an internal power source to power his mechanical half. Of course, he needs to consume a lot more calories per day now to keep it fueled.