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    Beat the game. Jaw drop when found out that there is a pokemon in the cage that i didnt check. Oh there is a bug when me and Shelly team up. Everytime she sent out Heather, there is 50% chance that the game will crash. But the game is awesome. My team:
    Ted-Blaziken lv 49
    Leviathan-Gyarados lv 48
    Barney-Machamp lv 43
    Plasmazona-Magneton lv 45
    Brover-Pachirisu lv 30 (save my ass in the first gym, beat Corey's crobat with 10 level lower)
    Vinick-Kadabra-lv 42 (nearly jaw drop again when i found out that i can onlly have one linkstone).
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