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Nearly five years after this LP started, before this sub-forum had even been conceived, I have an announcement to make. It's one that I probably should have made quite a long time ago, all things considered - but one I was really reluctant to actually sit down and type.

The Let's Play of Pokémon Quartz (2.0) is officially over, and there likely won't ever be a proper final update.

Life has gotten in the way time and time again and work on the finale hasn't progressed an inch in months, so I feel it's probably best just to put an end to things before I myself just forget about the project entirely. I imagine there might still be some people that were hoping to see the adventures of Steven, UNHOLYbear, and the rest of the gang, and I apologize for disappointing you - I'm also disappointed in myself.

I am not at home at the moment so I don't have access to the project itself (I may throw some additional stuff at the thread once I am) but I'll briefly outline what the finale would have been like here.

- - -

After some more wacky adventures (finishing off the post-game stuff) Steven would return to Baro's lab and he would black out immediately upon entering the door. The finale would resume with Steven (as the actual Steven from RSE) waking up in his home in Rustboro. Steven would be asked by Professor Birch in a phone call to retrieve something from his father and bring it to Birch's lab.

The areas Steven would visit would initially be near-exact replicas of the "proper" locations from RSE with only some amusing references to the areas that match up to them in Corna. As Steven's journey continued, however, the strangeness would ramp up: with areas beginning to become amalgamations of the locations and with actual Corna Pokémon appearing. Professor Birch, in his phone calls, would also become increasingly erratic.

This would reach its climax when Steven, after slowly regaining his memories, reaches Littleroot Town (actually Breeze Town) and he confronts Professor Birch, who he discovers is actually Baro in disguise (who could have guessed? ) Baro laughs at Steven, claiming that even after he had created the illusion of a perfect world for Steven that he still couldn't let go of Corna. After a struggle Steven realizes that he isn't done with Corna, and resolves that he won't be until Baro, and his evil, are undone.

This is exactly what Baro wanted all along, an adversary worthy of him, and the finale ends with Steven exiting the lab with his team, prepared to become stronger to rid the world of Baro forever.

- - -

Note that this synopsis is missing a lot of details, namely the bad astoundingly funny jokes that would be included. Plus there are several things that I hadn't finalized, but this is as good a summary as any.
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