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Monthly Reviewing Challenge

Welcome to the monthly reviewing challenge! The idea is simple - post reviews to other stories in the section, and claim a review from the team for your efforts on your own story, every month! The time limit resets every month, and you can re-enter every month as well.

How does it work?

Interested in taking part? All you have to do is sign up in this thread using the form posted below. Once you have the form filled out, start! Once you have a review, just edit a link leading to the review in your sign up post, and that's pretty much it. Once you have five reviews all lined up and ready for inspection, post again saying you have finished. Once we have checked your reviews and made sure that they are legitimate, you win and can claim your reward! It's really simple, but let's go over some guidelines.

For a new month and hence new challenge, make a new post or use your latest one if it is separate and you are the last poster.


Your reviews need to be constructive. Don't just post "like ur story! it was good!" Point out specifics about the story you're reviewing, mentioning what you liked or didn't like. If your review can be posted to every story in this forum and make sense, it won't count for this challenge.

You can review the same story as someone else. It's nice to see different views on the same story, after all!

It is possible to review the same story more than once, but only if the story has received a significant update since the last review, such as a new chapter, or a complete rewrite.

Use your post in this thread to keep track of your reviews. Just link to them so we can double-check everything.

Authors, if you would like a particular reviewer to read your story, check out their profile to find out how to contact them and ask them nicely. Only ask once. If we find out that you're constantly sending messages over and over again, disciplinary actions will be taken.

The challenge ends at the end of every month. Once it becomes the 1st of the next month in your timezone, the timer resets and you'll need to make another five reviews to be able to claim a review for your own story. You cannot use reviews made across separate months!

The goal here is five reviews. That's roughly one every six days - nice and simple.


What do you get?

Aside from the satisfaction of bringing activity to FF&W and reviews to the authors here, you also get this emblem for completing this challenge once:

In addition to the emblem, you'll also receive a full review of a piece of work of your choosing from one of our panel reviewers, for up to three chapters. We are people after all, and reviewing every chapter of a 20+ chapter fic will take a long time. If you would like to be on this panel, please contact me with a link to three reviews you have done in the past. Seeing how this is a reward, we're going to be very picky about who joins, so make sure to put your best foot forward! Our panel includes:

The Form

Best Way to Contact:
Review Style:

If you have any questions, simply ask them in this thread! I wish you all good luck, and happy reviewing!
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