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Hey Tabor :)
I found a bunch of Pokmon you'd like!
Spoiler: Pokmon
Spoiler: French
- Lanturn
- Darmanitan
- Frilish
- Musharna
- Minior
- Magnemite
- Shellder
- Stantler
- Lotad
- Paras
- Pineco
- Volcarona
- Steenee
- Kadabra
Spoiler: Japanese
- Alola Vulpix
- Swinub
- Deerling
- Comfey
- Swirlix
- Bounsweet
- Stunky
- Breloom
- Magnemite
- Dhelmise
- Popplio
- Munchlax
- Morelull
- Sableye
- Smeargle
- Budew
- Torchic
- Dustox
- Emolga
- Larvesta
Spoiler: Other
- Sewaddle SPA
- Clefable SPA
- Gliscor SPA
- Dedenne SPA
- Altaria SPA
- Kriketune KOR
- Minccino GER
- Munna ITA
- Larvitar CHT

For them, I'd like:
Level Ball Girafarig
Moon Ball Misdreavus
Moon Ball Teddiursa
Moon Ball Roselia
Level Ball Numel
Safari Ball Trapinch
Moon Ball Swablu
Heavy Ball Barboach
Safari Ball Tropius
Love Ball Luvdisc
Friend Ball Burmy
Love Ball Burmy
Fast Ball Buizel
Lure Ball Buizel
Love Ball Cherubi
I'll take all of them, apart from the Alolan Vulpix. I have the filler ready, I'll get to cloning the others :)

I am in PDT as well. Will 5pm on Friday work for you?
Apologies for the late response, I ended up being busy yesterday. Friday (today) does just fine for me :) I can do 5pm. If this late response ends up being too late, I can do tomorrow at 5pm as well.

Hi Tabor, may I ask for your HA female abra, HA female Burmy, and HA female combee please? I can trade you some of my korean pokemons, just let me know how many pokemons you want for those three. Thanks
I can do those three, gotta get cloning though. I'll do 2 for 1 of mine, so 6 of yours.

I really need to make a list of trades I need to do like I used to have x.x
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