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    Originally Posted by mapsal313 View Post
    Yea, you answered. If I understand correctly, I can, for example, change chatot's picture to his angry picture, right?
    =D Precisely! And Chatot is a pretty awesome character. =)

    In case you're curious... The code for that is as simple as changing a word.

    0092 xxxx yyyy zzzz

    0092 is the command to set the Pokemon speaking character (Such as chatot) as 'xxxx', and display their portrait (the picture) using expression number 'yyyy', and display that portrait at predefined location number 'zzzz'

    So, to change it, all you'd have to do is change the expression number from whatever it is, to the number that represents "anger"

    I do have a list of every command I know of in the game, but I'll release it once I know a bit more.
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