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    Originally Posted by diegoisawesome View Post

    Disabling the Gender-chosen Flight Positions for Littleroot Town

    This one is easy. There's a check in the flying routine that checks if you're flying to Littleroot. If yes, it then goes to check your gender and assigns the appropriate flight spot. To disable the check for Littleroot Town and make it act like a normal flight place, open Emerald in a hex editor, go to 0x124E62, and replace "00 28 0E D0" with "00 00 00 00".
    I see that there is a branch at this point. But the two ways aren't symmetrical at all. Do you know more about this? (This is for Firered. Right?)

    Originally Posted by diegoisawesome View Post

    Hacking the Starting Position (FireRed)

    0x540A04 is the starting map. 0x540A06 is the starting map's bank.
    0x54A08 is the starting X position. 0x54a00 is the starting Y position.
    Have fun.
    This helped me a lot. (But you have two typos)

    Originally Posted by diegoisawesome View Post

    Changing the Time FireRed Stays on the Title Screen

    This one was discovered by colcolstyles; kudos to him!

    The 32-bit value at 0x78C1C controls how many processor tics (?) the game goes through before it resets itself. Just mess around with the value until you get a desirable outcome.
    Actually it's measured in frames. 59.737 frames = 1 second.
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