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Originally Posted by Riansky View Post
WTH is wrong with you. The game is not released yet..

I really love the new professor desing and I also like that magnetic cave animation you put in the first page, really good. Your game is really inspirative (I hope this is the right word). Looking forward for the updates.
Glad to hear you like it, just let staff deal with the people spamming :]

Originally Posted by xdanx View Post
The bad:
Everything in the maps is just way too close to each other (paths are too narrow, making maps kinda unpleasant), I really don't like buildings design, and snowy maps are just ugly, trees have too much snow (in fact there is simply too much snow on everything) and icy water looks like a circus tent. And music sound kinda gameboy-ish with that quality of sounds.

The good:
Except for that, everything else looks cool. Map design is good in other aspects (the way you have used the tileset). Textures look interesting, except for shadows, since buildings seem to have too long shadows compared to, for example, the trees. Sprites are even more cool. Story seems quite interesting, though not enough to make me want to pay a lot of attention to it.

Above all, from what I've seen so far, I'd say:

Idea and story: 6/10
Mapping: 6/10 (would be 9 if paths weren't so narrow and everything wasn't so close)
Music: 5/10
Sprites: 8.5/10
Tileset: 7/10 (buildings don't fit to everything else, and snowy maps either)

Total score: 6.5 to 7

So far at least, of course that's just my opinion :)
I think you don't have much taste, but that's just my opinion! To be honest I feel that you've been extremely unnecessarily harsh. To give my mapping a 6/10, I find that extremely insulting considering I've been studying it for 3 years and have spent over 60 hours of work mapping for this game, and that's just for the demo. I personally think that you've been harsh for whatever reason, and your comments weren't all that helpful.

The "snowwy maps" are quite outdated I'll admit, and I wish to change the tileset. But to say this is bad mapping is pretty... well I'm not quite sure what you'd consider to be good mapping. And I will defend my work on mapping and the work of others on this game because it is something I put a hell of a lot of time into. So, without wanting to seem self righteous I have to completely disagree with you.

To give the music of my composer a 5/10, is well, also really harsh in all honesty. This is a fan game, if I could hire John Williams for free I'd do it. So again, I feel you're just judging the music and not telling us what you like and dislike.

I have literally no idea what you mean about how the buildings don't fit with anything else. Please give me an example and reasoning as to why they do not, because this is the first I've ever heard of it.

Yes, I take your criticism, and if you feel I'm not taking it, go through the thread and see that I do in fact take all comments on board. But I feel you were being overly and unnecessarily critical. I have the right and means to disagree with your comments, and I do. But, if my game is what you call a 6.5, well I'm afraid it seems we have a pretty bad quality selection of games in The Showcase. Which I do not believe.