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Originally Posted by ACC-M View Post
Well, we already have "Jinzo #7", the direct attacker version of Jinzo, so I don't see why the others wouldn't be named in the same manner. I'm kind of wondering about them... I know their anime effects, and the "Android Psycho Shocker Emperor" or whatever the big one is had some kind of trap destruction effect that burns the opponent, I thought. But Jinzo prevents traps from being activated as well as destroying face-up ones, so.... hmm... not sure what I think about that.

He doesn't destroy face-up traps in the real game...

Just as an afterthought here...

The Hostile PLUTO (Take Two)
Atk 2400/ Def 1400
This monster cannot be special summoned. As long as this monster remains on the field, no other monsters can be normal summoned, special summoned, or flip summoned. This monster deals piercing damage.

Better. It's in ALO's range, though, which makes it a bit dangerous (hey, even if it's a semi-situational Field Spell, cards like this would make it worthwhile). Level 8/different attribute, please.

And the next attack...

Raving Ghoul
Atk 1400/ Def 400
When a monster is removed from play, place one "Rave Counter" on this card. This monster's Atk and Def are increased by the number of "Rave Counters" on it x300 points. When this monster destroy's an opponent's monster as a result of battle, you can remove one "Rave Counter" from this monster to remove the opponent's monster from play instead of sending it to the graveyard.
So, basically, all you need is to give it a single counter and you suddenly have a monster that can either remove anything that it kills from play for free or power itself up, and with a respectable ATK, as well? And it's Tomato-searchable, no less. If the current format had more battling I'd say it was broken, but it still has a S/T weak.
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