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Kerin almost gagged as the stench of blood grew stronger and stronger with every blow to the demon. Stupid demon kid Ryuu, stop it! He felt his mouth watering and gripped tighter on his nose. It wasn't doing much, he could taste the aroma in the air. Marisa came back to him and dug her face in his shirt, which was now dirty thanks to her. It didn't matter that much, the only thing bothering him was the blood. He replaced his pinched fingers over his nose to his whole arm over both his mouth and nose, and used his other hand to hold Marisa tightly.

"Stop it, you stupid, retarded, idiotic... ugh, you stupid demon!" Kerin yelled at Ryuu, Kerin's voice muffled and nasally from his arm. The stench was too much and he turned away from the demons as Bernkastel turned her demon to mist. Ryuu stunk. He stunk good. It was smokey, like a grilled, rare steak. Kerin could feel his mouth water. No... no! You musn't, you musn't! He couldn't risk it, he could hurt Marisa in the process. He swallowed and pushed his arm into his mouth, almost biting on his arm but kept his grip on Marisa loose. He was almost panting and shivering a little. You can break through it, you can get through this!

"Is that all of them?" Bernkastel said to them. Kerin quickly looked over and scanned the room. There was another camera behind a grate. Kerin hobbled over to his, pulling Marisa with him and punched a hole through the steel grate, crushing the camera as he did so. He scanned again... Yep, that seemed like it.

"Yeah, yeah, that's all of them," Kerin replied irritably. "All I can see. Ugh, just... clean that up." He looked over at Ryuu, who was now standing. He felt no pity for the demon boy, he brought it on himself.
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