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Ryuu was satisfied, his bloodthirst was quenched. However, he was more than ever eager to arrive and begin the games. One thing was proven clear: he had competition. But to be fair, that was from a demon, a two-time winning demon. He was still unsure if the humans and the angels would provide similar entertainment. After all, they were raised in different worlds. For those of the vampire and demon districts, many had to fight quite a lot. In Ryuu's case, he had gotten into fights every day, and repetition makes you better. The humans were less so capable, and most probably weren't fighters, as he realized. He had a good feeling who was going first in the competition. His thought process was interrupted by Raike speaking.

"Well, I hope you got the last of that rage stuff outta your system Ryuu, because I doubt we can get another copter. You wanted blood, and you got it. Good show."

He stared at Raike and smiled, but his speech was anything but pleasant.

"If you like what I did there, just wait what I do to you in the Reaping. This of this as a...prelude."

His concentration broke off from Raike however, as he heard the other demon, Xavier, speak towards him.

"......Well Ryuu, it seems as if your ego got a fair amount of feeding today, hm.....? God, you're an idiot......."

Ryuu looked at him. He knew the reaction Xavier would most likely expect, perhaps some violence, some rage, and under normal circumstances yes, Ryuu had a reputation to keep up, after all. But Ryuu, as mentioned earlier, wasn't someone who got offended when insulted. To him, it was just an excuse to kick the living hell out of the person. But this case should be the same. Xavier was a demon, surely he would be strong. He wanted to fight him where it counted, in the arena. Ryuu offered a rebuttal, nonetheless.

"Ha! You think I do this to quell some sort of ego? Let me tell you, demon, I do this for a different reason. I do this because I love it. Like so many others who continue to do the things they love, so will I. The end result matters not to me, but the process of doing so does. Do you not yourself want to do the things you like, the things you enjoy? Because those who deny themselves this are who I believe are the true idiots. Very much so like the angels enjoy their praying or the humans enjoy their pottery-making, or whatever it is they do. I too have my enjoyments, my hobbies, and this so happens to be one of them. So judge me all your want, I suppose it won't matter for much longer anyways, you'll be dead soon..."

Ryuu looked away again, and for the first time, examined all of the people individually. His faced turned to the competition, one by one. Raike was a human, but he still expected some fight from him. He knew he had some sort of training, some sort of fighting background, he could feel it. Xavier was a given tough, a demon. As was Bernkastel, and she just proved it. The angels made Ryuu's stomach churn. He really didn't expect any sort of fight from them. None of them. That goes same for the humans, expect perhaps Raike. Then there's the vampires. Mixed feelings, from Ryuu. Marisa should be tough. Perhaps she didn't look it, but she was. Kerin was a sympathetic fool, at least to Ryuu, and he expected no trouble from him. As for the rest, bait. That's how Ryuu saw it. The demons were the threat, the vampires less so, but still opposition. The humans and the angels shouldn't give him much trouble, maybe one or two, but most of them were in the wrong place. Too bad for them, it seemed.

Ryuu cracked his neck, and moved around his shoulders, which tensed a bit. He was looking forward to the Reaping, but first...

"When will this damn helicopter take off?!"

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