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    Chapter 2 - Amelia Kunjui - Angel District

    I looked up at Shizuka, with my hands covering most of my snow-pale face. My eyes were wide in fear. I just watched a demon being beaten to death. Blood... I pulled up my bare feet to share my seat, with my hands now holding the sides of my head. Again and again I saw behind my closed eyelids as the final blow struck her. The blood splattering at my heels... I shook my head at Shizuka's question. "N-...No, I'm not..." I mumbled admittingly. I removed my hands, with my eyes squinted up at his face. His nightstreak black wings were coiled behind him, however I could just make out a few feathers gliding down at his sides. It calmed me, to known he was my ally.

    My head swung to the sides, when Ryuu yelled a question about our departure. I looked back at the metal, which formed the hallow machine encasing us. Hesitantly, I touched the surface. "..." After a few seconds, I replied to Ryuu. "W-we're already in the air. H-have been since the doors closed. Um... Two more hours until landing." When Pewita shot me a suspicious look, I couldn't help but jump, squeak, and add; "T-that's my guess, anyways." Of course it wasn't a guess. I had lied about that part. Though, it wasn't a very good lie... With my touch, I could see everything that everyone else couldn't. The wild birds... White bodies and grey-tipped feathers, hovering among the clear blue sky... The white sea trapped creatures under the surface, but large, elephant-sized things would sometimes break this barrier. I watched a dark patch; a fish jumped out, but... It never made it back to the water. I frowned, and watched the helpless fish squirm around until it disappeared from my view. It was as if that fish had hit an unnoticeable glass sheet carefully layered atop the sea... We must be up north still. Even though the heating system kept us warm in here... Outside, was a frozen wasteland. Where my people used to florish.

    Chapter 2 - Pewita Humoi - Angel District

    Do you know what I enjoy? Do you know what makes me giddy in happiness? What my best dreams are about? People getting beaten bloody... Not any kind of person, but people who think they're oh-so-better than us like Amelia, or in this case, Mammon. Though, it did sadden me that it was Ryuu beating her down into the metal and not me. I wanted to be the one with bloodied fists. The one having a broken body beneath my feet. I held in my urge to hit someone. Better I save my strength for the real thing. Maybe I could break some sort of record for the most kills! That idea made me excited. What I needed to do, was expand my allies. Ryuu would be a good choice, but he didn't seem too fond of angels. Heck, of his own species! How could I convince him, I was worth having as an ally? Bernkastel, even though she was a two-time winner and obviously powerful, didn't seem to be an ally of his. Was he perhaps, stupid? If he was, I would need to steer clear. Stupid people are alot more dangerous than smart people. Why? Because it's impossible to tell what they're going to do next. I was not going to bring myself into that sort of situation.

    When Ryuu was done yelling at us, I was shocked to find Amelia's voice enter my ears. I had expected her to faint over the stench of a fight. When I looked over in her direction, I couldn't help but smirk. She was trying dearly not to cry. The weakling... Another surprise awaited me. How could she possibly know we were already in the air, and, to top it off, that we were two hours away from our desination? I shot her a look, which made her squirm around and add that it was her 'guess'. Yeah, you weren't fooling anyone except stupid people. I certainly was not stupid, so the joke was on her.

    Chapter 2 - Marisa Ryunatta - Vampire District

    I scrunched up my nose at the lingering scent of blood. I wasn't as overpowering with it, than Kerin was. Being sensitive to scents was both a blessing, and a curse. In the arena, us vampires would be able to sense a fight from a mile away. Being who I was, I would head in the opposite direction; away from the potential enemy. Shiro would be a different matter. She would head towards the fight, in hopes of both a kill and a drink. For our group of allies, that wouldn't be a problem. We could just feed off animals or ourselves if there wasn't an easy kill laying around. Although, I don't think I would be able to sink my fangs into a rabbit... They're just too cute!... On second thought, maybe Fang or Kerin would allow me to drink from them... They'd understand!

    Once Ryuu was seated, I scurried myself over to Kerin, and held out a tablet. "Uuu. Here," I placed it inside his palm, and wrapped his fingers around it. I hoped he knew what it was. A blood capsule. These things were made vampires, for vampires. This tablet tricked the mind into believing they just has a drink. This capsule would keep even the most blood-thirsty of vampires satisfied for about four hours. Suddenly, I had an idea. If it worked for vampires, couldn't it work for demons? I smiled brightly and ran over to Ryuu. "Here!" I held out the single capsule in my outstretched palms, awaiting the boy to take it.
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