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Kerin looked down into his palm. Oh! A blood capsule! He hastily thanked Marisa and swallowed it whole. Kerin had never liked actually drinking blood; it reminded him too much of what he was. He had either lived off bloody steaks (though even then he felt bad enough for the cow), these capsules and sometimes even his own blood, despite the amount of pain. He exhaled as he felt the capsules take its effect. He was able to take his arm away from his face. The blood still smelt good, but now it was like baked bread after a three course meal; it still smelt good, but you didn't really want to eat it. Kerin was about to thank Marisa but she broke from his hold again and toddled over to Ryuu. What?!

"Marisa, no!" Kerin quickly stepped over to her, and stood next to her. She had her hand outstretched to Ryuu, with another capsule in it. Kerin looked up and at Ryuu. Why did he need it, he was covered in blood. Kerin sniffed but didn't pull Marisa away. She could do what she wanted, although talking to someone who had just beaten the living crap out of another demon was probably not on top of Kerin's list of good ideas.
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