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"And you, you should understand that soon, very soon, you might have to try to kill her as well. So I'd appreciate it if you'd f**k off for now. I'll be seeing you in the Reaping soon though, very soon," the demon boy turned around, sat in his seat and closed his eyes. Figured. He was probably all blooded out from his fight with Bernkastel's pet. Kerin wasn't looking for fight, but he did expect one and was ready for one. This kid fought on rage alone, so it would be easy to dodge his swings unless he had you pinned down, hence the fate of that other red demon. Getting in a good shot would be easy, to aim for the wings then go for the vitals. Anyways, it didn't matter. He wasn't going to fight him.

"I want to change that," Kerin said, glaring at Ryuu, his temperature rising again. It was true though. If Kerin followed the rules correctly, he'd have to kill Marisa (and Fang) to survive. But had anyone rebelled before? What if everyone fought against those keeping them in this stupid game. Even if it came to just him and Marisa, Kerin would find a way. For them both to live. He exhaled again. Calm down Kerin, fighting now won't get you anywhere, you gotta think about who you could hurt... there. Better. "I'm going to change that."

He pulled Marisa away from Ryuu and sat her back in a seat, on the other side of Bernkastel and sat next to her. Bernkastel seemed to know her stuff and at the moment, her and Ryuu had a disagreement going. Therefore, hanging near her was a good idea. Besides, what did this Ryuu kid know about alliances and friends anyways. All of Kerin's other friends were gone. These were his only ones. He intended on keeping them.

"Let's not go near the blood thirsty maniac again, okay?" he said quietly into Marisa's ear, his voice low enough so only she could hear him (hopefully). "If you want to make friends, try with someone who won't cut your throat when you talk to them." His eyes flickered to Bernkastel. Okay, sure, she was pretty violent in her fight but Fang was right. She would be a good ally.
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