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"The Gods are planning for there not to be a winner this year. No survivors. And, Kerin just unconsciously proved what I'm saying," Kerin's eyes moved over to Bernkastel again as she mentioned his name. Well, at least one person had bothered to remember his name. "Most, if not all of us, are against the God's Government... So, they are going to eliminate us before we can cause a shift in power. They don't want me here especially. They want me gone so I can't take over their government." Kerin nodded in agreement. He didn't want anyone to die. Well, maybe perhaps Shiro or Ryuu since they were just bat crap crazy, but he didn't really willed for them to die, right now. Perhaps if they threatened his or maybe Marisa's (or perhaps Fang's too!) life, but not now. They hadn't done anything yet.

"Okay Bernkastel, we know why they want you dead, but what about us?" One of the human boys spoke up. Kerin blinked at him. Human... he was human. No, now was not the time for self pity! "I can see that Ryuu would be an excelent warrior in a rebelion, but he only cares about killing, an unreliable source of power. Shiro... well she's just freaking psychotic, and I don't know about Marisa well, not yet at least. Even me? If anything I really didn't do much in my own district... well not as much as the rest of you."

Kerin almost laughed at the boy's response. How could he say that kind of thing out loud? Right in front of their faces? If Ryuu was actually paying attention, the human had nothing to protect him against anything. Just his arms, which would be barely useful against a demon's strength. Besides, Ryuu was not a excellent warrior. Kerin agreed with the second half of his statement. Yes, that was an unreliable source of power. And yes, Kerin hadn't done anything in his district that made him a threat of any sort. He had stayed quiet, never associating with anyone for his three years as a vampire, except for the odd fight once every two weeks that he did to protect someone else but that hardly made him dangerous.

"You... haven't even seen the real Shiro," Kerin's eyes drifted over to the drunken vampire. She was still quite dazey, she hadn't really moved that much since Fang had strapped her in. Like she wasn't even taking in anything. At all. When would the drugs wear off? "But... I agree with Bernkastel." Kerin fumbled with the pronunciation. Wait, what was he agreeing with? "I think that... that we shouldn't have to die. For amusement." There. Yeah. That's what she said, right?
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