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    Xavier didn't turn an inch, nor did he even give a bother to actually listening to Ryuu's drawnout retort. God, Xavier already knew what 'The Rhyno' was basically going to say anyway. This is exactly what he thought Ryuu was going to say: 'Blah blah blah kill you blah blah blah you're all gonna die blah blah blah Me is winner blah blah blah kill blah.', which is basically what he said. And he already knew about the whole, liking killing, thing. Ryuu had already showcased that. He already 'killed' whoever Mammon was. If anybody's gonna be killed first though, it's Ryuu. Xavier probably won't be the first to kill him, but most if not all the others, are going after him first. Well, that's just a guess. "........" The boy was talked to loud and too much.

    Although, he did turn his face to watch the girl-Marisa, run up to Ryuu and hold out a capsule. Most likely that it was a blood capsule, as she was a vampire. ".....?" It didn't surprise him to find that Ryuu replied in a hostile manner, but he was slightly surprised to find another vampire rush over to her side. His solid memory immediately brought up the name- Kerin....Hm.

    Xavier's concealed eyes scanned across the three, although he was tempted to cover his ears from all the noise. Didn't any of these people know when to be quiet? Or to enjoy a moment of a lock of noise? Xavier couldn't stand so much volume in a room for so long. Or anywhere for that matter. "......"

    'Finally, a moment of sile-!!!' The sudden solemness was broken by Bernkastel, as she announced the fact that there was to be no winners this year. Xavier merely rolled his unseeable eyes at the news, then clutched his head in pure annoyance. Too much talking, too much sound, and most importantly too many people. He had basically lived inside a single shack himself, only coming out for necessary supplies. Even then, his house was far away from where typically all the other demons were. Way too many people! "......"

    Finally having enough of all the speaking, Xavier swiveled his body to face the chamber walls. "....." Then he promptly bashed his head into the wall, seven times, and swiveled back to his prior position. What's bad is that he didn't show one single sign of emotion during the commotion, the wall now has a large dent in it, the left side of his face is now beginning to have his own blood trickle down his face, and how nonchalantly he was about it. Although what was good, (For Xavier anyway) was that he couldn't hear a single thing, besides a small ringing in his ears. To him, it was so much better than to listening to talking. "......"
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