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    Chapter 2 - Amelia Kunjui - Angel District

    My heart stopped for a moment. Just a millisecond, but i could tell. The rhythm of how frightened i was. That`s how i knew i was still alive. Alive among a bunch of rebels and bloodlings. Which was worse? Even i couldn't tell. Wasn't there a saying about blondes in the Human District? That they were marked stupid? Well... It's also a belief stupid people couldn't catch a cold. Perhaps that worked with heartattacks? I must have blacked out, because i found that one girl from the Human District holding me up. Nokoto was her name, right...? Practical blue eyes that seemed to hold years of experience in something. Striking brown hair that fell at her shoulders. Her life story came to me from her fingertips. A refined hardworker that wanted to become a dance instructor. Two loving parents...A brother. A sister... The perfect family. They had everything. Not the richest family, but... They were happy with what they had. My throat managed a soft squeak, before i edged distance between us. Rebels. Bloodlings. And then her. The one perfection among negatives. So, just like one side of a ying-yang, she was that piece of white centered by black. Just dragged anywhere negativity went. Why was she here?! If all the participants were hand-chosen, why was she here? All of us deserved to die for our mistakes, but hers were so little... Practically nothing compared to our corruption.

    That's it! Her sister! She had been picked originally, but Nokoto took her place! She took the place of her sinning sister, knowing she would indeed die. She didn`t know anything about fighting. So, how could she possibly stand against a demon with bone-crushing strength, or vampires with their witchcraft? Even though some humans could become wizards with a price, she took the pure path. No, her bookshelves weren't filled with magic books, but ones of the thing she loved so much to do. Dance. The movements of the body, fixed perfectly to the rhythm of music. Everything is a rhythm. Everything is energy. Ahh... I'm spacing into different topics again...The vibrations of energy make up my Sense Feeling ability. Something i had been born with, anything i touch either becomes transparent to my eyes, or their lifestory is revealed before me. I guess its like... A fast-forward, slice-of-life movie with no pause or replay button. The only replays, are what the lifeform replays. It only pauses, when its finished. It finishes at the present. I can't see the future. The actual information i want, i can't see. How frustrating is that? Quite a bit.

    I cleared my parched throat, and let out a few coughs when my saliva became lodged. I had had nothing to drink since last night. When i sat down for my French Lessons 101. Such pointless stuff, because the only three languages that survived, were English, Japanese, and, oddly enough, Mexican. All others perished, but the culture did not. Oh! The cultures! The only beauty in this gruesome world... I heard rumors that the Human's celebrate these...Holidays with fireworks and feasts. The humans were so...Weak, yet they never seemed to have a dull moment. Humor that demons couldn't understand. Drinks that a vampire has never tasted, and more importantly, the people angels wish were their own. People with pride, spirit, and hope. Ones who take honor in everything they did or spoke. Humans may not me strong physically, but their mental capabilities were extraordinary.

    Ack! I`m doing it again!

    I sweatdropped, before waving to the perplexed Nokoto. I must have spaced out for a while, because Bernkastel was being some sort of 'Answer Guru'. Jeez Bern... It isn't like you to be so talkactive! I sighed softly. Seems she failed to tell me about this whole thing beforehand. Some reliable source she was... But, i had to hand it to her. She was taking things quite smoothly. Like a real leader would. Bernkastel wasn't one to lie, either... If everyone knew that, they wouldn't question her information.

    From the corner of my eye, i watched as a small, gold ring rolled onto the floor. Fausto's ring. I perked, stood up, and was about to pick it up as a kind gesture, when my hand brushed against the frantic humans. Instantly, his history blasted into my mind with such energy, i stumbled back. Huge buildings... A podium... Government leaders at a table, discussing the next poppy games... My eyes went wide, and before Fausto could speak, i rushed him; plunging my fist deep into his gut. Normally, the pressure to a human would have them keeling over and coughing blood. However, as i pinned him against the wall with only my fist, i heard a horrifying sound emitting from his vocals. Not words. Not screams. Laughter. A laughter that was first a few heartless chuckles, but soon grew to head-jerking, madman cackles. I backed off in surprise. My entire body in a chorus of twitching movements. Fausto stood against the wall, slowing is laughter as i saw him raise his head. I couldn't think at all, but...Funny thing is for such a proper lady like myself... My first thoughts were how horribly screwed we all were.

    "What did you do with Fausto?!"
    "Your plans will fail, my sweet lady. And when they do, your stories will be nothing but lies, your rebellion will be in vain, and war will rage for years until you are but a speck of dust." - Noh
    "The lies of your world will be exposed. My rebellion will rein over your realm, and no longer will this time be plagued by war." - ???
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