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    -What do you want to know about them in the SU?

    I basically just want to know the breed of pokemon they are, and their move sets. That's basically it.

    -Is there a set level for them to be at or around?

    Nope, no levels. I prefer to go with the approach of there is no levels. That way, people don't get into pissing contests, and have pokemon of a higher level to be "more impressive".

    -Do they have the standard 4-move restriction, or do they have more?

    I can't believe I left this part out... I'll edit it in now, but the pokemon are allowed to have six moves, NOT the standard four.

    -Can the Pokémon in different teams be different, or can you only have the same six throughout?

    Yes. They can be different. The only thing that cannot be different, is the Pokemon you use for the contest. Once you pick that one Pokemon, you can't change. Also: You can alternate Pokemon in and out of your team, from the PC that will be located in housing/at the Pokemon Center. Just make sure, if you do in fact change your team, the changed team is submitted in the OOC before your post. Otherwise, it is an automatic disqualification.

    Another Note: I forgot to post this as well, but once it gets to the point where the battles begin, in EACH case, the format of the posting will change to Joint Post. It's much more effective for battles, and will help save a lot of confusion.

    That's all for now. Thanks!
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