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    My Diamond version just pumped out two shinies in a matter of 10 hours. I was up last night EV training my Heracross. I had already done attack at Route 229, fishing and fainting Gyarados. I moved over to Poliwhirl for speed EVs. After 2 kills I find a shiny Poliwhirl. I was kind of disappointed since I already have one but I figured now I could evolve the better one. The one I got last night was Lax nature, with max defense IVs. (The rest of the IVs were bad). 0-1 in HP, Attack, and 0 Speed... So I evolved my Hasty nature into a Politoad. This was 1:30am last night so I gave my training a rest. (100 Speed EVs done on Heracross at this point). I wake up this morning and start back up at Route 228 and I get another 112 Speed EVs in and another Poliwhirl shines... Can't really complain because I can have all the evolutions now. This one was Docile nature. With pretty bad IVs in everything but Attack, which has 31 IV. So I end up with a max defense and max attack Poliwhirl. I evolved the max attack one into Poliwrath.
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