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    Ghosts. Why: Ghosts...Ghosts...Well ghosts are funny, scary, powerful, admirable, creppy, or just plain interesting. I came to love really love ghosts when I started playing the PMD series. How you could walk through solid walls and barriers is a testament to show that ghost types have no limits, no boundries. More free than the bird types of the sky you might say, to do anything they please. Thats why I like ghost types.

    Answering Current Topic: What do you like about your partner Pokemon?
    Aside from them having the overall coolness I also like the background and dex entries of my pokemon as well.

    Gengar: A classic mischievous/devious ghost types. Likes the pull pranks and in some cases can be wicked too. But that goes for all ghost types. I like Gengar's abillities such as flight, phasing, disappearing, lifting souls from the physical body, manipulation of shadows, all the good stuff. And if memory serves, gengar has had quiet the good representation in the anime as opposed to other ghost/poison types, in being usually funny, hysterically mischievous, just plain misunderstood(in the wild). Other than that I also love Gengar's capabilities in battle, being one of the only two pokemon since Gen 1 that remained OU throughout the generation shifts due to his versatility, unpredictability and power.

    Giritina: Hmm...The Renegade Pokemon. That gets me into thinking that Giritina is catagorized by being a loner, or violence of some sort. Again, sort of expected of a ghost type. However in its presentation in the movies and games it seemed Giritina can be very understanding of others and protective of people it recognises as well as its home. Thus, I believe a Giritina could be a good freind to have. Aside from that I also like Giritina for its abillity to travel through dimensions and change form. In the reverse world, as shown in the movie, must be kept in balance with he outer world. Giritina makes sure both world are kept in check to keep his home safe. I beleive that is also a very cool and admirable trait.