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    Mana Murasaki
    The Espeon girl
    Arriving at the Academy

    "Fox... cut that out..." the black haired girl said to a male Glaceon as he stared at the pokemon from another trainer. "Your Glaceon is being rude." the boy said to her. "hehe~ i'm sorry, he doesn't mean it, right Fox?" the girl asked her Glaceon with an embaressed smile that spreaded over her face. "(Ofcourse i mean it, Mana.)" Fox replied on her, making the boy look weirdly at her because he only heard Glaceon talk Pokemon while she seemed to understand him.

    "You might stay out of my sight in the Academy, you're lucky you're a girl, i would've punched you if you weren't." the boy glared at Mana which pissed Fox even more off. "E-ehhh?" Mana showed her most cutest expression, and while doing this she used her abilty "attract" on him.

    "W-what?!" the boy first stared angry at her, but then seemed to be more in love with her than angry. "Ah, you know? don't worry about it, i can't stay angry at a beautiful girl like you." his attitude suddenly had changed. "r-really? thank you!" Mana picked her Glaceon up and ran away while waving at him. "(And this... all because i accidentally trew limonade over his Pokemon...)" Fox sighed. "You gotta be careful next time..." Mana said to him as she rubbed her long and wildy black hair out of her face when they had stopped.

    "We've arrived~" Mana said as he kitty looking eyes started to sparkle. "Finally! wooo!~" Mana cheered.

    "(What shall we do first?)" Fox asked her when Mana ran from the boat. "Meow~" Mana let herself fall in the grass and ignored his question. "(Mana?)" Fox came closer, only to see she had fallen asleep. "(It can't be helped...)" Fox's teeth started to glow and bited her in her leg. "a-ahhhh! coooldddddd!" Mana immediately jumped up and pouted. "(I asked you what we are going to do first.)" Fox sat down forward her.

    "Let's go take a look at our appartment." She suggested, acting more humanly now. The two continued to the Entei dorms thanks to the map she had gotten over the post. "Here it is." She opened the door and saw many students walking around, and this time, they didn't glare at her. "Hello there, are you new?" a girl asked her. "Y-yes!" Mana answered timid on the girl, hiding her face a little. "I see! welcome to the Pokemon Trainer Academy!" and the girl ran away.

    "...this is... awesome!" Mana smiled widely as she glanced and Fox who had the same expression. "(What about Felicity? shouldn't she enjoy this too?)" Fox asked his trainer. "She's worn out from the battle this morning, but sure, she've been there for me since i was a baby, she should see my first steps into this school." Mana grabbed a Pokeball out of her belt and trew it up. "time to come out, Felicity."

    An Espeon came out of the Pokeball and yawned before opening her eyes. "(Morning~)" She said, she took a look around and noticed they had arrived already. "(Ah, so we are here, huh?)" she said. "Yup!" Mana opened her door and saw her room looked it was already used since the bed was cleaned and made, and the room looked cheerfull equipped.

    "So, now we've seen this, we can take a look outside." Mana had her hands in her waists after she placed her bags with stuff near the closet. "(Already?!)" both of the Eevee evolutions shouted, then sighed. "Let's go." Mana left the room, followed by her Espeon and Glaceon.



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