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    Catches hugged Kiki back when the girl put her arms around him, after which he cartwheeled all the way to Shawn's room, stopping only when they reached the door, his entire body quivering with excitement. Catches rushed in and tackled Andy as soon as Shawn opened the door for Kiki and him. Andy took the tackle with a look of true shock on his face. "So you w-weren't back in your pokéball...?" Andy looked like he was about to freak out but instead let out a breath of relief. "Well... Just as long as you're here now." At that, Andy looked up at Shawn while Catches clung to his waist, crying out with happiness. "Great, thanks to you guys! I could swear I never even had a head-ache now!" With that said, he chuckled aloud only to be hugged by Kiki. Much like Catches, only with a little more tenderness, Andy hugged Kiki back before she could get away.
    "Of course I am! It couldn't be any other way...!" Andy said this with conviction as to convince himself even more-so than the others that there had been no serious threat from the headache. While he was hugging Kiki however, Andy heard the voice that had been absent since he'd woken up. Andy let the hug collapse as Yuki sat on the bed, looking at her with an unreadable expression on his face. That was only for a moment though, as when she spoke to him, his expression blossomed into that of a jovial grin. "Hey, don't apologize... I'm the one who caused all this trouble after all...!" Noticing the worry marring Yuki's face, Andy reached over to take her hand gently. He didn't want her to be concerned for him at all. He didn't deserve that kind of attention. "And listen, I'm just fine... You shouldn't worry about me." Andy thought for a moment about her last question for a brief moment. "Just smile, and I'll be happy. Okay?" Andy was really very thankful for his friend's concern, but he felt he didn't deserve it for some reason or another. He couldn't put his finger on why, but he had the overwhelming urge to yell "Stop /looking/ at me!!!" and run out the door of the room. But he didn't. That would have been crazy now that he had friends like the ones around him.

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