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    Jimmy Vincent
    Raikou Dorm

    Jimmy was sitting in his dorm room, looking puzzled and upset. He no longer had his Raikou Dorm jacket on, and in its place was his trademark black leather one. All of his Pokémon were inside their Pokéballs, so it was just him in the room. He was wondering why that had to happen. That? Well, here's the thing: his mother, who had previously left him stranded on Oak Island with no money at all and unknowingly set him off on a journey to become a strong Pokémon trainer, was now forcing him to quit and go back to Saffron. The reason, the rebellious-looking oy could not quite work out yet. Judging by how little he knew his mother, she was someone impulsive and disgustingly selfish, so what he could tell was that it certainly wasn't for Jimmy's good.

    But he was nowhere near giving up on it. Whatever his mom wanted, he was not going to let her have her way so easily, not after everythign she had done to him. He would fight for his dream. He would meet the legendary Pokémon some day, and he would become the strongest trainer ever.

    He heard that a new counselor had arrived at the school. He didn't like the idea of counseling, but for the time being, meeting him (or her) was his only choice. He got up from bed and headed for the door. Next stop: Counselor's office.

    Alice Crenshaw
    Entei Dorm

    Alice slowly opened her eyes. She was in her bed, all tucked, with no memory of her having arrived there, her nose felt clogged, and her head was killing her. She grabbed a tissue from her bedside table, and blew her nose. Eww... she thought as she threw the mucus-impregnated tissue away in a bin. She clumsily got out of bed, grabbing her head. The pain was unbearable. She went to the small bathroom in her room, and looked at herself in the mirror.

    "Oh, my!" she said in a very nasal voice, "I'm a mess! I must have got sick!"

    YOU DON'T FRICKIN' SAY She rubbed her reddish eyes and took some ibuprofen hoping it would make her head go easy on her. After doing her business there, Alice left the bathroom, coughing. She grabbed her Entei Dorm Jacket and a red scarf and put both of them on. There. Much better.

    She called Jello out of her Pokéball. The purple Solosis asked for his trainer's health, and she claimed she was feeling better. Then she added she was going for a walk, to which Jello agreed. Alice left her room, ready to go back outside and hoping it didn't get worse. Shivering, she and her Pokémon proceeded to make their way out of the Entei Dorm building.

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