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    Nemo "Ace" Dannan
    The Cafeteria

    The shaggy feline rested still and silent while Ty groomed her fur, during which he found a few soft scars from particularly rough battles in the past, but Absol did not flinch as the brush passed over the tissue. "If you don't battle, have you ever considered catching more Pokemon to help you? I'm going to head out to the icy plains first chance I get, and you're more than welcome to come along." The abrasive trainer offered. Though her original intention had been to only cover a weakness in her team, the fellow seemed nice enough.

    With Tyler's brushing done, Cassie turned on her seat and bowed her head in respect to the young gentleman, before padding back over to sit beside Nemo with her freshly-fixed fur, where she earned another berry from her trainer. While Nemo just gave it an approving look, Cassie seemed quite proud of her appearance and sat with excellent posture to catch the eye of other students in the cafeteria.

    "Well done. How do grooming contests work?" Nemo asked, as she leaned back in her chair and placed her palm beneath her chin.
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