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    Originally Posted by Team Chill Commander X View Post
    Meh im just making up cards that will increse the powers of some of the weaker monsters.
    ...and there's the sad part; these don't make the existing wimps any better. Why? Because these cards are just as subpar as the ones they are attempting to help, meaning that the only thing you're doing is clogging your deck with even more bad cards if you try to run them together. >.< Supporting neglected stuff is all well and good, but in that case the supports should actually know, helpful?

    Originally Posted by Team Chill Commander X View Post
    Yah i know i got the wording all wrong. Lanuage wasn't ever my strong point. Anyway.
    And you obviously couldn't look up a few actual YGO cards and check the correct wordings from those because..? You seriously shouldn't need any language skills to mimic existing writing.

    Originally Posted by Team Chill Commander X View Post
    I do agress with you on the counter trap thing. But did you notice the ultra rare under its name? I've noticed that the rarer a card is the more powerful it is... so it ballances out... kinda...)
    Rarity has zip to do with a card's usefulness and does nothing to create balance. When a card does everything that any available substitutes do plus more, then it's either broken or pushing the limits up, usually the former. <.<

    Scion Swarm: Like this. +4 CA is batcrap crazy when you combine it with discard and draw effects like Hand Destruction or Card Destruction (to trade all that subpar stuff for cards we actually want to use), or - for that matter - Reload or Magical Mallet. Broken. Not even Ojama searches in this big quantity, and those are about as useless as monsters get stat-wise.

    Scion Manitarch: Diminutive stat boosts have never been worthwhile and the stats are pretty horrendous for 8-star. Not really worth running at all. :\

    Assualt Form: referring to my earlier remark about wimpy Atk boosts. It only applies to the ones that you already have around when it's activated too, so that's cutting the efficiency further.

    Combat Form: Same thing, except it's even worse; no-one attacks face-up defense position unless they already have the Atk or effects necessary to punch through.

    Scion Warrior: the world doesn't need more subpar vanilla; it really doesn't. This doesn't even have flavor text. ._.

    Scion Archer: monster wipe is pretty lethal, and at 500 Atk it's viable for Machine Duplication abuse, Limit Reverse and crush card. Good card for the right kind of deck.

    Scion Lancer: Unlike this.

    Scion Mauler: ...or this.

    Scion Titan: Just needing that sucky 8-star already kills any hope for this.

    Deflection Shielding: Again with the subpar stat boosts.

    Uh-huh...Archer is the only one of these that's even worth consideration. Subpar vanilla is dull, and tiny Atk or Def modifications even moreso...not to mention being kind of useless as effects go. How about something a bit more creative?

    Oh, and tying back to what I said about helping out the marginalized, I meant cards that actually let them do their thing better, like so:

    Skull Maid
    2 Star/Dark
    1000 Atk / 1000 Def

    The name of this card in your Graveyard is treated as "Skull Servant". When this card is sent to your Graveyard, send one "Skull Servant" or "King of the Skull Servants" from your Deck to your Graveyard.

    ...or possibly a strong card that needs the weak card to be played, like so:

    Captain Baseball Bat Boy

    6 Star/Fire
    1000 Atk / 1500 Def

    Ultimate Baseball Kid + Command Knight

    This card can not be Special Summoned except by a Fusion Summon using the above Monsters. Increase the Atk of each FIRE Attribute Monster you control by 1000 for every other FIRE Attribute Monster you control. Once per turn, you may tribute a FIRE Attribute Monster you control to inflict 1000 Damage to your opponent.

    However, creating a card that is basically a weaker version of countless other cards and then making it equip only to a single, weak monster won't make anyone want to play either of those cards because they'd rather run a stronger monster and give it a stronger equip, if they want to play equip like all. I mean, would you play this?

    Cheap Calligraphy Kit
    Equip Spell

    This card can only be equipped to "Goblin Calligrapher". Increase the Atk of the equipped Monster by 100 and reduce its Def by 100.

    I hope you wouldn't, I really do.
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