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    Tim Korinal

    Explaining how they'd had some issues in the Underground, Arcea introduced herself and her silent partner. Along with that, she noted her caution about why the little group brought them food. It was understandable; probably smart if the Underground left them like this.

    "Of course we did," Tim answered. "We weren't just going to pass by you and leave you to die. The Underground might have people like that, but Hearthome City is almost always willing to help another kid." He punched a makeshift bowl out of the pavement and ripped it out of the ground, placing the food he had into it and laying it next to the injured pair. "Go ahead and eat."

    Tim turned to his Gabite-holding companion, calling out, "See if you can find Dominick. He should still be in the Contest Hall." And with a nod, the boy was surrounded in blue energy and flew into the air, launching himself towards the giant building that must've been able to act as every place in the city at once from clinic to market to base of operations. Back to Arcea, he tried to assure them that they'd be back up in no time. "Dominick's a miracle worker; he can fix just about any injury or illness."

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