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    i tend to judge Pokémon more by their designs than their battle-effectiveness overall. plus, my first game was Sapphire, so of course i'll be partial to the Hoenn starters.. and so they got my vote. i seriously love all of those Pokémon, though. maybe Sceptile a little less, but it was still cool.

    Kanto comes in second, since i did like those overall, just not as much as the Hoenn ones! Unova is third, 'cause i don't like Tepig (i'm one of the ''Fire/Fighting? AGAIN?''-people) but i did really like the Oshawott and Snivy-lines.
    i liked Sinnoh's Empoleon and Torterra, so that's in fourth. Johto was just.. meh. Cyndaquil, Totodile and Bayleef i like, but their evolutionary lines overall were kind of boring. they just grew bigger with each evolution, and got more flames/spikes/leaves.

    Kalos i feel like i can't really judge without having seen their evolutionary lines, but i do think just from Fennekin and Froakie that they'll end up higher than Sinnoh/Johto in my ranking :P
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