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    Originally Posted by Vehks View Post
    Did they not say that gen 5 was supposed to do that as well? I'll be honest I like gen 5 and all, but I was a little disappointed with the game and with how it was hyped.

    Anyway, you don't suppose the 8th will finally tell us when they will release Meloetta in the U.S.?
    B/W lived up to its hype though. And no, B/W wasn't made to "Evolve the Pokemon World" it was made to reset the Pokemon world. It did exactly that as far as all the Gen 5 games have shown. The newest news isn't that old and has nothing to do with any of the current games.

    As for Meloetta, no it won't be about her International release. It was a commercial for Japanese audiences so its going to be something pertaining just to Japan IF its an event. We'll get international release eventually, but that will be posted on, not as a Japanese commercial.