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    My one buddy in grade 12 was apparently the "Champion" of Pokemon, and it was the end of grade 12 when I started to play again. I knew nothing of EV training, IV breeding, natures etc. His team was a Kingdra, Porygon-Z, Grass Rotom, Shuckle, Seviper, and Dusknoir all IV'd and Ev'd to almost perfection. I sent my team of Soul Silver Pokemon to Black when they had no Ev training or anything. My team was Espeon, Umbreon, Pinsir, Magmar, Gengar and Omastar. We battled via infrared and he got down to Umbreon with him having Rotom, Dusknoir and Kingdra at full strength still. He kept discharging Umbreon while Umbreon was faint attacking him. He paralyzed Umbreon with a quarter health left, while Umbreon defeated the Rotom. Umbreon didn't have Heal Bell or anything, just kept spamming faint attack, and he took out Dusknoir and Kingdra without getting hit by anything. My buddy was shocked and so was I. A guy just getting back into Pokemon earned him his first loss! I felt so happy after lol and he was happy that someone beat him, and told me to make a team concentrating on the proper natures, Iv's and ev's, etc.
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