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    Now that the Pokemon International companies have also said they're announcing something on January 8th, I definitely now think that it's something actually big. They've never done anything all on the same day before I believe, and I don't think it's going to be some all world Pokemon tournament, since everyone speaks different language. Why would they all suddenly start doing Wifi events and movies on the same date now though?

    Ooohh, I have no idea what this could be, I'm excited! ^_^ I really hope its RSE remakes though or a new generation either would be nice but RSE OMFG

    Also about that eeveelution, could they spell the title without that last character? I could make the word Eeveelution have all the different colors of the respective evolutions, but "ion" would have to be random colors, I can't just say "Eeveelut" because I don't want to imply a new Pokemon.