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    I've been playing Borderlands since a few days after the original came out. I played that game for at least 200 hours, beat all the DLC with each character, and farmed Craw and Knoxx's Armory more times than I can possibly count.

    When Borderlands 2 was announced I immediately pre-ordered the edition that came with an actual loot chest. I actually skipped my first class of the day with Alexial so we could head over to GameStop to pick it up. I've played as much Borderlands 2 as I can handle, but I still pick it up every now and again for a few minutes.

    I originally played on the 360, but recently got a laptop that can handle most current-gen games very well, so I've been playing on Steam. I've got a level 50 Salvador and a level 36-37 Zero, both with plenty of legendary guns/shields/grenades/mods. If you'd like to play or trade, PM or VM me and I'll try to figure out how to play online through Steam (I'm not much for multiplayer games).
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