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    - woohoo pitfall
    - actually not rockets this time
    - oh hallo speaking of rockets
    - ash u a dumb
    - indy scene
    - oh hey isnt that--
    - oh yeah hi brandon
    - wow he p mean in this one
    - not like last time
    - ho-oh!
    - dang that's dramatic
    - i like the legend
    - hey wasnt that at the other ruins
    - whaaaat don't just pick that up
    - uh-oh
    - yami satoshi
    - oh dang
    - obvs the dude got stuck in the ball instead of ho-oh
    - or similar something
    - brandon what
    - you can't pull king rank bc of that
    - hahahahaha still posessed
    - lmfao
    - ooh ash's consciousness
    - oh ash >__> don't help the king
    - YES ASH
    - AW NO
    - wow the king is such a cheat
    - ;_____;
    - ooh dang yo
    - aw TRio
    - brandon is so dramatic haha
    - aw bby
    - this frickin flying pyramid tho
    - like wth
    - HO-OH
    - YEAH
    - U R CHOSEN
    - well that was weird
    - omg the ending hahahaha

    Well that was weird haha. And it seemed to go by really fast idk. Brandon is a lot less friendly right off the bat which was strange to me. And his pyramid is still ridic. They did possesed!Ash really well I thought but idk everything felt a bit rushed. Good ep tho~
    i want to believe
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