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Posted January 8th, 2019
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Thanks for the support guys. It's my first hack so I was kind of nervous. Anyway, I've finished the Heal Kangaskan arc, and half-way on the Mischievous Pikachu arc. After that, I'll do the Brock's Tournament story.

Been long since I saw a hack quite like this. Is that a Follow-Me script? love how whgen you get to select your starter, the pokemon's outside of the balls.
I wanted to do it, but the one that I saw on Youtube was quite buggy. Furthermore, I want to get the scripting for the events and tile done first before I focus on the follow me. However, I definitely want to make the pokemon follow you around since that's a big part in the Pokemon Adventure Manga as well.

......... i need to marry you. i love the manga, your making a hack on it, thus it means i love you. XD jk mate but really, keep with this hack. ive been wanting something like this to happen for the longest time now.
Lol, Okay. Thank you anyway.