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    Originally Posted by Bloodex View Post
    Image URL:
    Signature Size(ex - 450x150): As big as your examples? Not sure how big that is.
    Text: You Belong Here
    SubText: ~Anberlin (preferably in a corner?)
    Text Font (Name or Download Link):Up to you, I'm not gonna be picky
    Which example do you want me to work from?:Again, up to you
    Anything Extra?: Nah

    I've been really lazy with this site, Im trying to be active again, but if you make it and I don't use it, feel free to spam my email or my profile. =D I'll try to remember though. Thanks in advance!
    I'll give it a shot, although that's more of a C4D, not really a render... I'll try it out and if you don't like it you can choose another render :)

    Edit: Terribly sorry but I couldn't really make this work in a signature, it's not really a render. Do you have another one I could try it with?

    Signature Shop? I got one of those.