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I just.... I... wow.... I didn't even know that was freakin possible... I really had to resist flipping my DS out of pure anger.

So I started SRing the living bajeebus out of the platinum piplup because heck yes shiny penguin. I go to reset because after close inspection my piplup was normal.

The same could not be said about my rival's turtwig.

How is this possible?

WHY is this possible!?

I thought it was impossible for the rival's starter to be shiny. I really did. But.... But no. No. There was a shiny effing turtwig staring me down. I just.... I can't guys... I really can't. I'll finish flipping tables in the area and get back to my SRing escapades.

Edit: Ok. It's supposed to not be possible. I guess my game had a minor glitch. A minor. Stupid. glitch. But I'm more hopeful on the "eyes are playing tricks on me why did you stay up half the night SRing you fool" option.
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