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    I also follow the "Legendaries can't be captured" idea. XD

    With the death thing, I'm thinking that the Pokemon might die, but it would be more from grief than anything else. Then again, Pokemon that hate their trainers would still live because the emotional tie wouldn't kill them as it would an adoring Pokemon. My personal opinion is that they a) remain trapped in the Pokeballs until someone frees them or b) are released back to the wild, but much stronger than any other wild Pokemon. Some inheritence things might occur too, like the with Falkner from G/S/C (How I remember that is beyond me. I haven't even played G/S/C in like five years XD) Idk, just seems the most plausible explanation to me.

    Which reminds me, I wanted to find a copy of the first movie somewhere. I wonder if I can find it on DVD anywhere... Along with some other ones I haven't seen yet. I already own 2000, so don't need to find that one.
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