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What do you think happens to a trainer's Pokemon after the trainer dies, provided that the Pokemon still live?

I don't think there would be any direct consequence, except the pokémon feeling grief over their trainer's death or whatnot. If they're in a pokéball, I would assume the pokéball would automatically release them, seeing as they aren't technically "owned" anymore. *shrug*

EDIT: I just realized that someone has probably already said something to this effect. It happens without fail. And now, looking back, I see that they have. So now we get to debate how a pokémon is tagged as "captured" in the first place. As we all know, an owned pokémon can't be captured by another trainer, unless some type of special (and illegal) device is used. So I'm assuming there's some kind of label applied to captured pokemon, whether it be a dose of radiation or a microchip or some quantum-mechanics thing, which other pokéballs can detect and avoid. This would probably go away if the trainer died somehow. Yay.