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    Originally Posted by An-chan View Post
    I demand you write that fic! You're not the only one who wants to see Bill "royally pissed" :laugh: Seriously, write some genious hacking fic which happens entirely in and in fron of computers! The epic war between Bill (and his colleagues) and teh evil hacker... The fic with most furious keayboard hitting in the entire world!
    And Windows jokes a plenty! (If only Bill and his colleagues had switched to Linux...)

    Also, if someone tries to resist me, you know what will be after you. *points at the huge army of Sentret equipped with flamethrowers*
    *hides behind her army of chainsaw-wielding Chansey*

    I can swear I've seen him do that once. I can't remember the episode, but I'm sure he said something about buying new Pokéballs. The memory is rather faint, but... Also, it might have been a feature only in the Finnish dub, athough I don't see why that would be. (It rhymed! I'm so taking over the world!)
    Dubs are always odd. I know the English one has randomly added things that weren't actually brought up in the original. (Like how they randomly decided Brock's mother should be dead.)

    MY CAT DOSENT HATE PEPOLE IT LOVES ME VERY MUCH U MEANIE!!!!!!111 OOPS CAPS SORRY my cat is the most adoralb cat and its just like eevee so cute and cudly and he purrs and he loves me why did u saytaht i hate u now!!!!!!!!!111
    omg u n00b dont u no that pikachu is btter?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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