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Pokemon: New Order
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    • Program: RPG Maker XP (Pokemon Essentials)
    • Language: English
    • Screen Size: 768x543
    • Development: About 1 month in
    Giovanni the leader of Team Rocket just seemed to vanish without a trace. No one knows what happened since there was never a report of who had defeated them. All we know is that there have been no Team Rocket sightings for over 5 years. Then one day dozens of reports from various trainers that wake up to find out that there Pokemon have been stolen! No one know who stole these Pokemon but there are those who talk of Team Rockets return. Who is this enemy? Is it Team Rocket or some new threat?

    In Pokemon: New Order you can choose from two different roles either play as Cara (the older sister, age 18) or Mea (the younger sister, age 15). Each character will have their own specific starter Pokemon. Cara has Riolu and Zorua. Mea has Chatot and Togepi. You and your sister start your adventures when you hear of the recent Pokemon snatching in your own town. That is when you start your adventure and try to stop this new menace. Do you have what it takes to bring down this new organization?

    • Each character will have a unique adventure. (Same beginning and endings but they will have some different events).
    • All Pokemon will be obtainable in some way in the game. Sorry no fakes. However there will be guest characters. For example: Chaos from Sonic the Hedgehog will be obtainable as Pokemon.
    • No gyms or elite four. Instead in each town you will have to take down a facility that are occupied by this new threat. Some bases house Legendary Pokemon. There will also be mini missions where you must track down stolen Pokemon after talking to some trainers.
    • Larger screen! Sized 768x543 for less trips to the eye doctor!
    • There will be a lot of free roaming Pokemon in addition to the standard grass, cave, and water tiles.
    • Catch Pokemon almost anywhere. You can now encounter Pokemon inside towns and cities.
    • Greater variety of Pokemon. Return to the same spot different time of the day and see that the Pokemon there are completely different!
    • More of a detailed environment and more variations along routes. Instead of the normal plain routes where it is just some grass and trees.
    • More life like in the sense that people, objects, trees, and buildings are more proportional. For example: The inside of a building will have the same amount of walking squares that the outside has. This games environment is very large so there may be adjustments to the top level a Pokemon can be (probably around 255).
    • No rival like normal games. Here Team Rocket (Jesse and James) take the place of your rival.
    • NO HMS! All existing HMs will be made into TMs. Pretty much from the start if you have the necessary Pokemon to preform an action you can as long as you have the corresponding TM.
    • Items on the ground are the actual items. Instead of just a Pokeball to take place of an item on the ground you will pick up what you actually see. If you see a Potion you get a Potion.
    • Get Trophy's for completing different things. (Trophy's will automatically show up in your Trophy room).
    Features are subject to change.


    Screen Shots

    Route 1 - WIP

    Test Map 1

    Just a test map to get the feel of proportions and overall look of each object with each other. Everything is 100% custom.

    Battle Screen
    - WIP

    Party Menu - WIP

    No one may use any tile or graphic from any image on this page. Everything is blurred to prevent stealing.

    Me(thedudemister) - everything (minor scripting).
    Crazyninjaguy - Scripting



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    All the people evolved in creating Pokemon Essentials

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