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    Originally Posted by P-Sign View Post
    I think you forgot to credit a few people:

    Left is the Riolu sprite from my Ultimate BW Pack, to the right is a screenshot of your game.
    I did'nt credit because those sprites are going to be replaced soon. But I guess while it is up I should show credit. Thanks.

    Originally Posted by Rayd12smitty View Post
    this looks good. The sprites from the BW pack like P-Sign mentioned do need credit. The only other thing I see is that either you need to increase the size of the pokemon battle sprites, at least the back ones. You shouldn't see the flat bottom, that should be where the screen ends.
    The battle screen is still a work in progress. The back sprite will be shown in full once I figure out of the re-animate it correctly. I tried right before I did the screenshot and failed miserably. As for the size of the sprites they will stay the way they are. Thanks.

    Edit: Here is an updated version of the Battle screen. Still a WIP. Blurred.
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