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    Originally Posted by stbplayer1P View Post
    Unfortunately there is no fix VBA-m always has this problem with the sprites in brown. I think that it might be related to the way they are made to fit in the rom. Also strangely if you put Brown of a flashcard the same problem happens, witch makes me wonder if it is because VBA-M is a more accurate emulation the normal VBA?
    Originally Posted by Sawakita View Post
    It's a known problem. It's due to the fact that the hackers, that made Brown, re-programmed the sprite-loading routine, however, they probably didn't take into account one thing: VRAM (i.e. the gbc hardware area where graphics are loaded) is not accessible all the time (it has a cycle: inaccessible for 59 milliseconds, then accessible for 1.1 millisecond, then again inaccessible for 59 milliseconds, and so on).

    So they probably only tested their new code on VBA, which is well known for not emulating the real GB's VRAM inaccessibility, so if you play it on an actual gbc it will show the flaw. If you try to play Brown on BGB, it has a checkbox option where you can choose wheter emulate the VRAM inaccessibility or not. The two results would be the following:

    [VRAM inaccessible]

    [VRAM accessible]

    Also, creators of Brown don't seem to care about correcting this issue so you just have to play it with that problem (if you're using a real GB) or play it on an emulator that doesn't care for VRAM accessibility.
    As Sawakita wrote, VBA doesn't emulate the real GB's VRAM inaccessibility and that's why the sprites in it seem to look correct although they're not. VBA-M is more accurate which leads to "errors" just like playing the game on a GameBoy does.

    Originally Posted by bradzx View Post
    Let you know, there is no clean Pokemon Red (U) rom. Only I see mostly is Pokemon Red (U) [S] [!]. I guess this owner of hack seem gave huge mistake about clean Pokemon Red (U) rom. If it have, then it show up on google. But none of them. I think clean Pokemon Red (U) is gone forever.
    Or maybe you don't know what you're talking about. Pokemon Red (U) [S] [!] is clearly the rom you're looking for to do the patching.
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