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No problem. They could probably find something in the cave that may look unimportant first, but during the mystery, it becomes relevant and they have to return to the cave, reminiscing how much they changed since they first started their journey.
What would motivate them to start searching for clues? Something they see in the cave or in the torn-Ether region?
I'm definitely gonna have Shinx's evo line for this, their X-Ray will help a lot once Luxury comes into play.
Who would the guardian pokemon be? Corrupted Legendary or regular Pokemon? Or the Pseudo-Legendary ones?
Hmm, a role for every character.... Depending on what type of occupation the characters have, i'm sure we'll find the perfect role for them. Trainers could be the protectors in a way, young researchers research any mysterious items that come their way, young detectives can try to look for clues, even while battles occur.
Since there's gonna be a lot of walking/moving around and the gym battles/league won't be there, so the characters could have a Pokemon or its pre-evolved form for when it comes to running away from danger or being chased.
Not a bad idea, having traps could help the development in characters in some way.