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    I understand what you mean with the packaging. There is currently 10 separate things, so it's not the nicest of methods of distribution. But you're wrong with regards to using just "parts" of this package. The Bitmap Wrappers and new sprite classes I wrote can be used in Essentials as a standalone, and they are pretty nifty to have. If someone wanted just the animated sprites portion of this here system, they can do that. Also segmentation makes it easier for me to update, and fix parts of the system (as I already have done). Instead of having to reupload the whole package over and over again, and getting people to unnecessarily download the whole thing over and over again, this way I can just update the things that need updating. Not just that, but there are people currently just using parts of this package, and not the whole thing. And since I've made everything plug-n-play, I think it's nice to have that option.

    With regards to your second point, you pretty much get what's illustrated in the screenshot. Actually, those who follow me through things like deviantArt, had the opportunity to see videos of the system in action while I was still building it. (If you're interested they're here). I didn't feel the need to include it here, since most of the people who came for the system here, already knew what to expect.
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