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Originally Posted by Meganium90 View Post
I want to go ahead and maybe start a topic here, if that's alright? It kinda irks me to not see activity in this awesome club :(

Which cute Pokemon would you like to have as a pet? Why? You can use the cute pokemon you chose, or use another!

I'm going to go with the Pokemon I chose, which is Sewaddle. I love being outside in the sunny day, and I like to garden too. With my Sewaddle as a pet, she will help me make my garden beautiful. And Sewaddles are really playful too, so we'll have a fun time playing tag. xD
Hmm... Honestly I was going to go with Pachirisu due to how adorable and playful they are, but after reading Megan's response I'm gonna have to agree with her on Sewaddle. That thing is utterly adorable and I would LOVE being able to play with one <3 It could swing around whilst I chase it and we could have competitions to see who could eat things fastest :D (It's a simple life I lead... x])

Also, I think Dwebble should be added! <3